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EdunetLMS offers cloud based e-learning LMS for your Schools, College, Private Institute or Single or Group based Author to launch their own E-Learning LMS portal in 3 clicks without worrying about Hosting or Technical aspects.

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About EdunetLMS

EdunetLMS is an Automated, Personalized & Cloud based multi-domain LMS solution for your Business.

Responsive Design

Your LMS will have responsive design that is mobile and tablet first design, which will help your students or learners to learn and train themself using any device.

Fast Performance

Your LMS will have pretty fast loading and your student or learners will enjoy pretty high performance learning experience among themeselves or each other.

Highly Interactive

You can create Lessons using "Video Format", "Doc format", "PDF format", "PPT Format", "Scorm based" or "Rich HTML text" based content for your learners.

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LMS Features:

  • Custom Branding

    Use your own Logo, Brand & Company for your LMS under custom domain name.

  • Responsive Design

    Let your students learn from any device they prefer.

  • Discussion board

    Teach them using Video, Doc, PDF, PPT, Scorm based content.

  • Course Certificate

    Offer Course completion certificate for your students inside your LMS.

  • E-Commerce in-built

    Sell your Courses based on Subscription or One time Fee.

  • Review & Revision System

    Let your students writes and create Notes while they learn.

  • Multi User Role

    Create Multiple Teachers or Admin to manage your LMS.

  • Multiple Lesson Types

    Teach them using Video, Doc, PDF, PPT, Scorm based content.

Why start with EdunetLMS?

EdunetLMS offers you to build your own E-Learning LMS like Udemy for training purpose locally or globally in 3 click.

Start your LMS in just 3 Click or in 30 Seconds.

With EdunetLMS you can create your own E-Learning LMS in less than 30 seconds by just following 3 steps.

  1. Choose Package or Plan
  2. Enter LMS name, Admin details etc.,
  3. Pay (If any) & Done.

Start Teaching online now.

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Check out, What others Business, Authors have to say about our cloud LMS.

Mary Balogh

I was struggling to get my course off the ground, but I discovered EdunetLMS and it was so easy to set everything up, great support team, and overall an awesome experience.

Kate Juliet

I went from creating small, inexpensive courses to large courses that resulted in 5-figure income months. This is the perfect solution for service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale their business.

Richa Salon

Why i choose EdunetLMS, and why I love it is the great support that EduSAAS provides. It's an awesome helping center with an immediate chat response.


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